Yohance Tate,
Mental Health Student Intern

Young Adults | Adults | Anxiety and Depression | Trauma | Adolescents

P: 919-636-0762
E: [email protected]

Hello! I am a graduate student at Wake Forest University in the Clinical Mental Health Graduate Program. I am also a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. At a pivotal point in my life, I was on the fence about choosing careers. I was reminded that my younger self wrote a letter to my older self and reminded me what was important which is helping people. I found myself in a transition period from one career to another after leaving the military after 25 years. I experienced my share of woes during that time in my life. I continually saw people in need and hurting around me. However, I did not have the skills to help them get out of their way. I can remember thinking if only I had the tools to help these people get unstuck. This began my journey into the clinical mental health field.

As we journey through your challenges, we will find who we are and where we are trying to go to become a better version of ourselves. This will be done through a nonjudgemental compassionate space where you will be free to be who you are and talk about what you have been through. My goal is that you become aware you are not alone on this journey and that you see me as an ally as we work towards your healing.

I am influenced by Person Centered and intrigued by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Play Therapy, Acceptant and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy. I am an objective professional seeking to build a healing and trusting relationship with you.